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Vittorio Emanuele III
King of Italy

Other names: Vittorio Emanuele Ferdinando Maria Gennaro[1]

Other Titles and Honours

Emperor of Ethiopia, 1936-43 ren.[1]
King of Albania, 1939-43 ren.[1]
Prince of Naples, 1869-1900[1]
Titular King of Cyprus, 1900-47†[2]
Titular King of Jerusalem, 1900-47†[2]
Titular King of Armenia, 1900-47†[2]
10th Principe di Carignano, 1900-47†[1]
Titular 24th Duca di Savoia, 1900-47†[3]
Conte di Pollenzo, 1946-47†[3]
Knight of the Garter, 1891-1940 (England)[1]
Knight of the Order of the Annunziata (Italy)[1]

Main Events

Victor Emmanuel had terminated a mostly military education when he suddenly inherited the throne of Italy after his father's assassination. He was basically a constitutional monarch, but went against parliament by joining Italy with the Allies and entering World War I in 1915, and in 1922 when he gave Mussolini the premiership. By this, he was reduced to a figurehead as he was made emperor of Abyssinia. Mussolini had the king's support until he lost power.[4] The king had him arrested after Italy's failures in 1943 during World War II, and in an attempt to appease the public, he appointed the crown prince lieutenant general of the realm and relinquished power, though he retained the title of king. He abdicated just before the 1946 plebiscite which resulted in the abolition of the monarchy, and he went into exile.[5]

Place of birth: Naples[1]
Place of marriage: Rome[1]
Place of death: Alexandria, Egypt[1]
Place of burial: Church of Santa Caterina, Alessandria[1]



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