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Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia-Aosta
Conte di Torino

Other names: Vittorio Emanuele Torino Giovanni Maria[1]

Other Titles and Honours

Knight of the Order of the Annunziata (Italy)[1]
Knight of the Order of the Black Eagle (Prussia)[1]
Bailiff Grand Cross of Honour of the Order of Malta (Vatican)[1]
Medal of Valour, silver (Italy)[1]

Positions Held

General, 1923[1]
Lieutenant general[1]
Brigadier general, 1903[1]
Colonel, 1899[1]
Senator, 1891[1]

Main Events

Vittorio Emanuele graduated from the Military Academy of Modena as a second lieutenant in 1889, and then joined the armoured cavalry. He was noted for the famous duel he had won against Prince Henri d'Orléans in 1897, whom he challenged after Henri publicly question the bravery of the Italians imprisoned in Ethiopia. This episode made Vittorio Emanuele very popular in Italy. He then joined the Nizza Regiment briefly, then took command of the Lancers of Novara in 1899 as colonel, and in 1910, the 8th Cavalry Brigade as lieutenant general. He distinguished himself in the First World War earning a Medal of Valour. He exiled himself to Belgium in 1946 after the referendum abolishing the monarchy, and he died in a clinic there a few months later.[1]

Place of birth: Turin[1]
Place of death: Brussels[1]
Place of burial: Basilica of Superga, Turin[1]





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