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Vittorio Amedeo I
12th Duca di Savoia

Other names: 'le Grand'

Other Titles and Honours

Titular King of Cyprus, 1630-37†[1]
Titular King of Jerusalem, 1630-37†[1]
Titular King of Armenia, 1630-37†[1]
Principe di Piemonte, 1630-370†[2]
Titular Prince of Achaia, 1630-37†[2]
Principe d'Oneglia, 1630-37†[2]

Duc de Chablais, 1630-37†[2]
Duca d'Aosta, 1630-37†[2]
Duc de Genevois[2]

Duca di Monferrato[2]
Marchese di Susa,
Marchese di Saluzzo,
Conte d'Asti
Comte de Nice
Comte de Tende
Comte de Genève
Comte de Romont
Baron de Vaud,
Signore de Vercelli, 1630-37†[2]
Seigneur de Fribourg
, 1630-37†[2]
Signore del Marro
, 1630-37†[2]
Signore della Prela
, 1630-37†[2]
Signore di Novello[2]

Main Events

Vittorio Amedeo I succeeded to little more than a title, but by his alliance with France, he managed to regain most of his territories. He proved a wise and popular ruler, and his early death was much deplored.[3] Through a peace treaty that followed the War of the Mantuan Succession (1628-31), he obtained parts of Montferrat, but was obliged to yield Pinerolo and the valley of Perosa to France. In 1635 he supported the French army in the struggle with the emperor for the Duchy of Milan.[5]

Place of birth: Turin[4]
Place of Marriage: Palais du Louvre[4]
Place of death and burial: Vercelli[4]




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