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Philippe II de Savoie
7th Duc de Savoie

Other names: Lackland


7th Duc de Savoie
Titular King of Cyprus 1496–97†
Titular King of Jerusalem 1496–97†

Titular King of Armenia 1496–97†

Principe di Piemonte 1496–97†

Titular Prince of Achaia 1496–97†

Duc de Chablais 1496–97†

Duca d'Aosta 1496–97†

Marchese di Susa 1496–97†
Marchese in Italia 1496–97†

Marchese di Ivrea 1496–97†

Comte de Genevois 1496–97†

Comte de Nice 1496–97†

Comte de Villars 1496–97†

Comte de Lauragais

Comte de Villelongue

Comte de Valbonne
Comte de Montrevel
Comte de Maurienne 1496–97†

Comte de Romont 1496–97†

Conte d'Alisio 1494 [France]

Conte di Terranova 1494 [France]

Conte di Castel Sant'Angelo 1494 [France]

Conte di Casteldragone 1494 [France]

Baron de Faucigny 1496–97†

Baron de Vaud 1496–97†

Baron de Gex 1490–96†

Seigneur de Bugey 1464–97†

Seigneur de
Beaufort-sur-Doron 1496–97†
Titular seigneur de Fribourg 1496–97†
Signore de Vercelli 1496–97†

Signore di Pinerolo 1496–97†

Seigneur de Bresse 1464–97†

Seigneur de Baugè
Seigneur de Dombes

Seigneur de Valbonne

Seigneur de Revermont

Seigneur de Chazey

Seigneur de Loyettes

Seigneur de Sagy

Seigneur de Cuisery

Seigneur de Sainte–Julie

Seigneur de La Rochette 1482–97†
Knight of the Order of Saint Michael
1472 [France]
Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece
1468 [France]

Grand Chamberlain of France
Grand Master of France
Seneschal of the County of Toulouse 1472

Lieutenant General of the Duchy of Savoy 1471, 1476, 1482

Governor of Burgundy until 1471

Governor of Guyenne 1466

Governor of Limousin 1466

Philippe gave himself the nickname 'Lackland' because he went for twenty-two years without an appanage.
In 1464, he obtained the county of Bresse, but the Swiss deprived him of it. During the reigns of four dukes before him, Philippe demonstrated his restless and violent nature. He killed Jean de Varax, one of his mother's favourites, and his own father feared him so much that he resorted to asking King Louis XI of France to control him. The King had him locked away in the prison of Loches. After taking part in the wars of the house of Burgundy, he offered his sword to Charles VIII, and accompanied him with his expedition to Naples in 1494, and after the conquest, Charles recognised his services by appointing him his grand chamberlain and grand master of his court, and by granting him a number of counties in Naples. Philippe was appointed co-lieutenant general of Savoy and Piedmont for Charles II, his great-nephew, and he proved to be very capable in repelling disturbances and maintaining the peace. In 1496, he was peacefully acknowledged as the legitimate successor to Charles II. He he reigned for only eighteen months.

Place of birth: Chambéry

Place of first marriage: Moulins

Place of death: Turin

Place of burial: Hautecombe Abbey

Son of Louis I, duc de Savoie and Princess Anne of Cyprus. He was married firstly to Marguerite de Bourbon in 1472, and secondly to Claudine de Brosse in 1485, and had issue. He also had illegitimate issue by Libera Portoneria and Bona di Romagnano.


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