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Philippe de Savoie
Duc de Nemours

Other Titles and Honours

Marquis de Saint-Sorlin[1]
Comte de Genevois, 1510[2]
Baron de Beaufort[1]
Baron de Faucigny[1]

Positions Held

Bishop of Geneva, 1495-1510[2]

Main Events

Originally destined for the priesthood, Philippe resigned the bishopric of Geneva (given to him as a child) when he was made count of Genevois. He served under Louis XII., with whom he was present at the battle of Agnadello in 1509, under the emperor Charles V in 1520, and finally under his nephew, Francis I. In 1528, Francis gave him the duchy of Nemours and married him to Charlotte of Orléans-Longueville.[2]



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