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Philibert II
8th Duc de Savoie

Other names: the Fair[1]

Other Titles and Honours

Titular King of Cyprus, 1497-1504†[2]
Titular King of Jerusalem, 1497-1504†[2]
Titular King of Armenia, 1497-1504†[2]
Marchese di Italia, 1497-1504†[3]
Principe di Piemonte, 1497-1504†[3]
Titular Prince of Achaia, 1497-1504†[3]
Duc de Chablais, 1497-1504†[3]
Duca d'Aosta, 1497-1504†[3]
Comte de Nice, 1497-1504†[3]
Comte de Genève[3]
Comte de Bresse, 1497-1504†[3]
Comte de Romont[3]
Baron de Faucigny, 1497-1504†[3]
Baron de Vaud, 1497-1504†[3]
Baron de Gex, 1497-1504†[3]
Signore di Vercelli, 1497-1504†[3]
Seigneur de Bugey, 1497-1504†[3]
Seigneur de Beaufort, 1497-1504†[3]
Seigneur de Fribourg, 1497-1504†[3]

Positions Held

Imperial Vicar of Italy[3]

Main Events

As duke, he was bribed by Louis XII of France into allowing him to pass through the duchy and invade Milan in 1499. He received Louis at Turin and accompanied him to Milan, and Milan was conquered. Louis again requested passage in 1502 to assist his army in Naples, but this time Philibert refused, and instead, compelled him to follow a circuitous way across Dauphiny and Saluzzo.  He maintained good relations with France despite the anti-French stance of his second wife Margaret of Austria, He had his half-brother René legitimised in 1497, although Margaret of Austria later arranged for this to be annulled because of René's support for France. Philibert managed to remain neutral during the French-Austrian conflict, and was powerful enough to preserve his territories, backed by a strong armament and by his high resolute spirit.[1]

Place of birth: Pont d'Ain, Bresse[3]
Place of first marriage: Turin[3]
Place of second marriage: Brussels[3]
Place of death: Pont d'Ain, Bresse[3]




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