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Philibert I
4th Duc de Savoie

Other names: the Hunter[1]

Other Titles and Honours

Principe di Piemonte, 1472-82†[2]
Titular Prince of Achaia, 1472-82†[2]
Duc de Chablais, 1472-82†[2]
Duca d'Aosta, 1472-82†[2]
 Marchese di Susa, 1472-82†[2]
Comte de Villars[2]
Comte de Nice, 1472-82†[2]
Comte de Genève, 1472-82†[2]
Baron de Faucigny, 1472-82†[2]
Baron de Vaud, 1472-82†[2]
Baron de Gex, 1472-82†[2]
Signore di Vercelli, 1472-82†[2] 
Seigneur de Bugey, 1472-82†[2]
Seigneur de Beaufort, 1472-82†[2]
Seigneur de Fribourg, 1472-82†[2]

Main Events

Philibert succeeded his father in 1472 under the regency of his mother, Yolande of France. The regency was disputed by her two violent brothers-in-law, the counts
of Romont and Bresse, who invaded and Yolande fled from Chambéry. Through foreign mediation, Yolande was able to return as regent. Savoy was later made a protectorate of France under Louis XI, with Yolande continuing as regent for Philibert. After her death in 1478, Philibert was still a minor under the regency of the Sire de Miolans and the Comte de la Chambre, whose conduct sparked a civil war. Philibert played no part in these matters and spent his days immersed in field sports (hence his nickname 'the Hunter). In 1482, he died suddenly from excessive fatigue after one of his sporting events.[1]

Place of birth: Chambéry[3]
Place of death: Lyon[3]




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