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Oddon de Savoie

Main Events

Documentation makes mention of another probable son of Amédée II referred to as Oddon II, Count of Maurienne, in the year 1082. He has been considered by some to be Amédée II's younger brother Oddon (bishop of Asti), who in this case, displaced his child-nephew Humbert II for a time. That this latter Oddon was living up to 1091 seems proved by the fact that there are no donations made by his mother, the Countess Adelaide, for his soul, such as exist for her other sons. But, if he remained in secular life, it is not likely that he should not take part in some of the grants or have his obituary as Oddo comes recorded. Others have instead considered him to be Amédée II's eldest son and successor in his Burgundian lands.[1]



1. C.W. Previté-Orton. The Early History of the House of Savoy. Cambridge: University Press, 1912.

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