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Cardinal Maurizio di Savoia


Cardinal 1607–42 res.
Principe di Oneglia 1642–57†
Marchese di Berezio 1648–57†
Comte de Nice 1642–57†

Cardinal-Protector of Germany 1635–42
Abbott of Casalmaggiore 1635
Canon at Magdenburg 1635
Canon at Halbertstadt 1635
Canon at Cologne 1635
Canon at Liège 1635
Abbot of Saint-Jean de Soissons 1635
Cardinal-Deacon of Santa Maria in Via Lata 1626–42 res.
Cardinal-Protector of the Kingdom of France 1623–35
Cardinal-Deacon of Sant'Eustachio 1621–26
Cardinal-Deacon of Santa Maria Nuova 1621
Abbot of San Benigno di Fruttuaria 1618
Abbot of Casanuova 1618
Abbot of San Michele della Chiusa 1617
Abbot of Santo Stefano di Ivrea 1617
Bishop of Vercelli 1607
Abbot of San Giusto di Susa 1604

Ambassador to France 1618
Lieutenant of Piedmont 1615

After receiving his education in Spain, Maurizio entered an ecclesiastical career from a very early age for political reasons, having never taken his vows. He was sent to Rome in 1623 and took part in the election of Pope Urban VIII. His brother Duke Vittorio Amedeo I signed the 1634 treaty of Rivoli with France which Maurizio opposed, and so he defected to Spain and the Empire, accepting their protection. He tried to return to Piedmont in 1638 to put forward his claim for the regency of Savoy, but he was not granted permission to enter by his sister-in-law, the Madama Reale, the dowager duchess (and his future mother-in-law), who was supported by France. With some support offered by Spain, Maurizio, along with his brother Thomas, was able to win great support for his cause through the publication of a manifesto opposing the Madama Reale, and eventually, the people became divided in two sides known as the Cardinalists and the Madamists, sparking a civil war. Maurizio was able to capture most of the important cities by late 1639. Once the Madama Reale realised that defeat was near, she offered Maurizio her daughter's hand in marriage. He resigned his ecclesiastical offices and married.

Place of birth: Turin
Place of marriage: Turin
Place of death: Turin
Place of burial: San Michele della Chiusa, Turin

Son of Carlo Emanuele I di Savoia and Infanta Catalina of Spain. He married Luisa di Savoia in 1642.

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