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Maria Apollonia di Savoia


Duke Charles Emmanuel I of Savoy attempted, in vain, to forge political alliances through the possible marriages of his daughters, Maria Apollonia and Francesca Caterina. The two sisters, however, decided to seek a path away from the court, and they decided to found the Cappuccin monastery at Turin. With their father's permission, they became nuns in 1627 and dedicated their time to charitable work. In 1629 they joined the Third Order of Saint Francis, and in 1640 they moved to Biella. After her sister Francesca's death, Maria began to spend time at Rome, continuing her work there. In 1650 she was received by Pope Innocent X. From 1653 her health began to decline. She was declared venerable in 1838. Maria was also a painter and painted copies of the Shroud of Turin using oil on linen. One copy that she gave to the Monastery of Corpus Domini in Bologna still exists.

Place of birth: Turin
Place of death: Rome
Place of burial: Basilica of St Francis of Assisi

Daughter of Carlo Emanuele I di Savoia and Infanta Catalina of Spain.

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