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Luigi di Savoia-Aosta
Duca degli Abruzzi

Other names: Luigi Amedeo Giuseppe Maria Ferdinando Francesco[1]

Other Titles and Honours

Order of Merit for Labour, 1925[1]
Grand Cross of the Military Order of Savoy, 1924 (Italy)[1]
Knight of the Order of the Holy Annunciation (Italy)[1]
Knight of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden)[1]
Knight of the Order of the Black Eagle (Prussia)[1]
War Cross for Military Valour (Italy)[1]
Italian Geographical Society, gold medal[1]
English Geographical Society, gold medal[1]
Berlin Geographical Society, gold medal[1]
Honorary doctorate University of Bologna[1]
Honorary citizen of Rome[1]

Positions Held

Admiral, 1918[1]
Commander in Chief of the Italian Navy, 1914-17[1]
Vice admiral, 1912[1]
Rear admiral, 1909[1]
Navy captain, 1906[1]
Lieutenant, 1893[1]
Ensign, 1890[1]

Main Events

A renowned mountaineer and explorer, Luigi studied at the Royal Navy Academy at Livorno in 1884, and finished in 1889 as a midshipman. That year, he departed on the Amerigo Vespucci, beginning his life of world travel and exploration. In 1896, he departed for another world trip on the Cristoforo Colombo. In 1897, he hoisted the Italian flag atop Mount St Elias in Alaska,[1] and in 1899, his Arctic expedition reached a latitude of 86°34′ N, setting a new record.[2] In 1899, he also conquered Broad Peak in Kashmir, and discovered an access route connecting it to K2.[1]  In 1906, he climbed highest peak of the Ruwenzori Range in east-central Africa, the first person to ever do so.[2] He occupied a number of naval posts, such as director general of the arsenal of the third maritime department of Venice from 1910 to 1911, and chief commander of the department and naval troops of La Spezia in 1912. He was a member of the Italian Academy in 1930 and president of the Navigation Society from 1931 to 1932. He founded the Village Duca degli Abruzzi (now, Jowhar) in Somalia.[1]

Place of birth: Royal palace, Madrid[1]
Place of baptism: Royal palace chapel, Madrid[1]
Place of death: Jowhar[1]
Place of burial: Jowhar[1]



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