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Empress of Thessalonika

Other names: Jeanne (at birth), Anastasia (as a nun)[1]

Positions Held

Regent of the Byzantine Empire, 1341-47[2]

Main Events

After converting to the Orthodox religion and taking the name Anna, she played little role in political affairs as empress. She became regent for her son after her husband's death in 1341, and this provoked a civil war with Ioannes Kantakuzenos. As a result, the economy of the Byzantine Empire suffered greatly, and the situation was compounded by various unfavourable treaties made with Italy. Anna employed Turkish mercenaries, and sought help from Venice and Genoa, and even pawned the crown jewels to pay them. She received no aid, and the jewels were lost. Her mismanagement of affairs caused her to lose support, and she finally made peace in 1347, and her son rule as co-emperor with Ioannes Kantakuzenos.[1] 

In 1351, Anna moved to Thessalonika as ruled as empress, minting her own coinage. Her final official act was her donation to the convent of the Anargyroi in 1360.[2] She withdrew from public life and became a nun.[1]

Place of death: Thessalonika[2]



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