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Jean de Savoie
Archbishop of Tarentaise

Positions Held

Governor of Savoy, 1482[1]
Lieutenant of Savoy, 1482[1]
Governor of Nice[1]
Bishop of Geneva, 1458-82†[1]
Abbot of Staffarda, 1480
Abbot of Saint Pons de Nice, 1471
Bishop of Geneva, 1460-82†[1]
Abbot of Cannobio[1]
Abbot of Ambronay
Abbot of Saint Oyen de Toux
Abbot of San Benigno di Fruttuaria, 1451
Prior of Nantua, Moutiers, Romain Moutiers and Payerne, 1450
Protonotary apostolic, 1447

Main Events

He was involved in the regency of Duke Philibert I of Savoy, although he was later excluded from taking any further part.[1]

Place of death: Turin



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