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Humbert II de Savoie
6th Comte de Savoie

Other names: the Fat[1]

Other Titles and Honours

Marchese di Susa, 1080[1]
Comte de Maurienne, 1080-1103†[1]
Conte d'Aosta, 1080-1103†[2]
Comte de Chablais, 1080-1103†[2]
Seigneur de Valais, 1080-1103†[2]
Seigneur de Tarentaise[2]
Seigneur de Bugey, 1080-1103†[2]

Main Events

Under Humbert II's rule, his estates in Savoy increase with the acquisition of Tarentaise, but those on the Italian side of the Alps had been seized upon during his minority by several claimants. Boniface del Vasto, Marquis of Savona, and husband of Alice, Humbert's aunt took possession of the counties of Bredolo and Aurate, which had belonged to the his grandmother Marchioness Adelaide, whilst his sister-in-law, Agnes of Poitou, occupied the county of Turin, which was also claimed by Conrad, son of Henry IV of Germany, in right of his mother Bertha. In the midst of all this the towns Turin, Asti, Chieri, and others, availed themselves of the general confusion occasioned by the long struggle between the pope and the emperor to assert their independence of all vassalage except the nominal one to the Empire. Humbert crossed the Alps in 1097, and not being strong enough to attack all his opponents, he made a treaty of alliance in 1098 with the town/commune of Asti and its bishop against Boniface, by confirming the newly acquired liberties of the citizens of Asti and by ceding to them several villages and territories, and ensuring to them free passage and protection from his Burgundian or Transalpine territories. Humbert made donations to several churches and convents, and he also intended to proceed to Palestine with the Crusaders, but he died.[3]

Place of death and burial: Moûtiers[1]



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