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Humbert I
1st Comte de Savoie

Other names: the White-Handed[1]

Other Titles and Honours

Comte de Chablais, 1034->47†[2]
Comte de Maurienne, 1034->47†[1]
Conte d'Aosta, 1024[1]
Comte of Nyon, 1017[1]
Comte de Salmourenc, 1003
Comte de Belley[1]
Count of Tarentaise[1]
Seigneur de Valais[3]

Main Events

The founder of the house of Savoy, Humbert was a feudal lord of uncertain but probably Teutonic descent.[1] A number of theories has been put forward concerning his origins including that he was descended from Count Garnier of Troyes, from the family of Count Amédée of Belley, and from the first kings of Provence.[2]

Humbert accumulated a number of counties in the lands of Savoy including part of Maurienne in 1034 as a reward for helping King Conrad the Salic to make good his claims on Burgundy. With his territories, Humbert commanded three of the great Alpine passes: the Mont Cenis and the two St Bernards.[1]

In 1040, he donated property by charter to the canons of Saint-Jean and Saint-Urse, and in 1042, he made a donation by charter to the abbey of Saint-Chaffre. Another donation of property was made to  the canons of Saint-Jean in 1046.[2]

He was born between 970 and 975, and died between 1047 and 1051. He married between 995 and 1000.[2]

Place of burial: Saint-Jean de Maurienne[2]



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