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Humbert de Savoie
Comte de Romont

Other Titles and Honours

Seigneur de Cudrefin[1]
Seigneur d'Etavayer
Seigneur de Montagny
Seigneur de Corbières
Seigneur de Grandcour
Bâtard de Savoie
Knight of the Order of the Collar, 1434 (Italy)

Positions Held

Lieutenant general of Piedmont

Main Events

He began as an auditor tasked with overseeing the finances of castellans and governors. He sided with Bonne de Bourbon after the death of Amedée VII over the regency. Humbert joined the war against the Turks and was captured in 1397, and was finally released in 1403. In 1417, he was sent as the Duke of Savoy's representative to the Council of Constance. In 1421, he erected a chapel in the Hautecombe church, and did the same in other churches. His will is dated 10 December 1440.

Place of death and burial: Estavayer



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