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Henri I de Savoie
Duc de Nemours

Other Titles and Honours

Duc de Genevois[1]
Duc de Chartres[1]
Duc d'Aumale[1]
Marquis de Saint-Sorlin[1]
Marquis de Saint-Rambert[1]
Comte de Gisors[1]
Comte de Maulévrier[1]
Comte de Saint-Vallier[1]
Vicomte de Lyonne[1]
Vicomte de Vernon[1]
Vicomte d'Andeley[1]
Baron de Faucigny[1]
Seigneur de Poncin[1]
Seigneur de Cerdon[1]
Seigneur de Verneuil[1]
Seigneur d'Ussé[1]
Seigneur de Nogent[1]
Seigneur de Pons[1]
Seigneur de Bray-sur-Seine[1]
Seigneur de l'Etoile[1]
Seigneur de la Vache[1]
Knight of the Order of the Holy Annunciation (Italy)[1]

Positions Held

Governor of Dauphiné, 1591[2]

Main Events

In 1588, Henri captured the marquisate of Saluzzo from the French for his cousin, the duke of Savoy. The princes of Guise, his half-brothers, induced him to join the League, and he was made governor of Dauphiné in the name of that faction. He made his submission to Henry IV in 1596. After quarrelling with the duke of Savoy, he withdrew to Burgundy and joined the Spaniards in their war against Savoy. After peace had been proclaimed in 1616, he retired to the French court.[2]

Place of birth and death: Paris[3]



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