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François de Savoie
Archbishop of Auch

Positions Held

Governor of Savoy, 1490
Governor of Piedmont, 1490
Bishop of Geneva, 1484
Abbot of Staffarda
Abbot of Sant'Andrea di Vercelli

Abbot of Aulps[2]
Provost of Montjou

Main Events

After being nominated bishop of Geneva, François faced opposition from the Pope who preferred his own nephew, Domenico della Rovere. Domenico planned to exchange Geneva with Jean de Compey for the bishopric of Turin. To compound this, the canons had chosen Urbain de Chevron for the post and a dispute arose. François and his brother Philippe stormed Geneva in 1483 and Compeys fled. After Compey complained to Pope Sixtus in Rome, the Pope excommunicated the entire town of Geneva for three months. This ended with Chevron being made archbishop of Tarentaise, with Compey to succeed him. Compey resigned his claim to Auch in favour of Françoise.
[2]  During the crisis of the regency of Bianca of Montferrat, Françoise played an important role in the administration of Savoy in 1490.[3]

Place of death: Turin
Place of burial Turin cathedral



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