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Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia
Principe di Oneglia

Other Titles and Honours

Marchese di Finale, 1620[1]
Marchese di Zuccarello, 1620[1]
Signore di Oneglia, 1620[1]
Signore del Marro, 1620[1]
Signore di PrelЯ, 1620[1]
Grand Prior of the Order of Castille and Leon, 1599[1]

Positions Held

Viceroy of Sicily, 1621-24†[3]
Commander of the Fleet (Spain), 1610[1]
Abbot of San Michele della Chiusa[2]

Main Events

Destined for an ecclesiastical career, Emanuele Filiberto was sent to the royal court at Madrid in 1603 to study the customs and politics of Spain as desired by his grandfather, King Felipe II of Spain. He returned home in 1606. In 1610, he was back in Madrid to pledge allegiance on behalf of his father to King Felipe III who had been mulling an invasion of Piedmont. As commander of the Spanish fleet, Emanuele Filiberto fought off the Turks who were invading the coasts of Sicily in 1614. He excelled in his military and political careers. He died from the plague, unmarried.[1][2]

Place of birth: Turin[2]
Place of death: Palermo[2]
Place of burial: madrid[2]




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