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15th Comte de Savoie

Other names: the Liberal

Other Titles and Honours

Principe di Piemonte, 1323-29†[2]
Duc de Chablais, 1323-29†[2]
Duca d'Aosta, 1323-29†[2]
Marchese di Susa, 1323-29†[2]
Comte de Maurienne, 1323-29†[2]
Conte d'Asti, 1323-29†[2]
Seigneur de Bresse, 1323-29†[2]
Signore d'Ivrea, 1323-29†[2]

Main Events

During his rule, Edward, was forced to repel the repeated attacks of the dauphin of Vienne, the count of Geneva, and the baron of Faucigny, who were leagued against him. At last, through the mediation of Philip of Valois, king of France, peace was made. In 1328, Edward led a body of men to join King Philip against the Flemish, and contributed to the defeat of the latter by the French at Mount Cassel. After the termination of that war he went to Paris, where he fell ill and died.[3] His marriage required papal dispensation.[1]

Place of death, Gentilly[1]
Place of burial: Hautecombe Abbey[1]




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