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Charles II
6th Duc de Savoie

Other names: Charles-Jean-Amé[1]

Other Titles and Honours

Titular King of Cyprus, 1490-96†[2]
Titular King of Jerusalem, 1490-96†[2]
Titular King of Armenia, 1490-96†[2]
Principe di Piemonte, 1490-96†[1]
Titular Prince of Achaia, 1490-96†[1]
Duc de Chablais, 1490-96†[1]
Duca d'Aosta, 1490-96†[1]
Conte de Vercelli, 1490-96†[1]
Comte de Nice, 1490-96†[1]
Comte de Genève, 1490-96†[1]
Comte de Villars, 1490-96†[1]
Comte de Romont, 1490-96†[1]
Baron de Faucigny, 1490-96†[1]
Baron de Vaud, 1490-96†[1]
Baron de Gex, 1490-96†[1]
Seigneur de Bugey, 1490-96†[1]
Seigneur de Beaufort, 1490-96†[1]
Seigneur de Fribourg, 1490-96†[1]

Main Events

As Charles II was only a child during his short reign, the duchy was administered by his mother as regent, and the two lieutenants general of Savoy and Piedmont that
she appointed, François de Savoie, Archbishop of Auch, and
Charles' great-uncle Philippe (later Philippe II, Duke of Savoy).[3] He died on his return to Moncalieri after spending winter in Turin.[1]

Place of birth: Turin[1]
Place of death: Moncalieri[1]
Place of burial: Church of Notre Dame, Moncalieri[1]




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