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Charles-Emmanuel de Savoie
Duc de Nemours

Other Titles and Honours

Duc de Genevois[1]
Knight of the Holy Annunciation (Italy)[2]

Positions Held

Governor of Paris[3]

Main Events

Involved in political intrigues by his relationship with the Guises, Charles-Emmanuel was imprisoned after the assassination of Henry, duke of Guise, and his brother the cardinal of Lorraine, in 1588, but contrived to escape. He fought at Ivry and Arques, and was governor of Paris when it was besieged by Henry IV. After quarrelling with his half-brother Charles of Lorraine, duke of Mayenne, he withdrew to his government of Lyonnais, where he endeavoured to make himself independent. He was imprisoned, however, in the château of Pierre-Encise by the archbishop of Lyons. After his escape, he attacked Lyons, but was defeated owing to the intervention of the constable de Montmorency.

Place of death: Annecy[3]



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