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Boniface de Savoie
11th Comte de Savoie

Other names: Roland[1]

Other Titles and Honours

Principe di Piemonte, 1253-63†[1]
Duc de Chablais, 1253-63†[1]
Duca d'Aosta, 1253-63†[1]
Marchese di Susa, 1253-63†[1]
Seigneur de Tarentaise, 1253-63†[1]
Seigneur de Bugey, 1253-63†[1]

Main Events

Boniface was placed under the guardianship of his uncle Thomas, count of Flanders. The people of Turin, having revolted again and being supported by the free city of Asti, took Thomas prisoner. When Boniface was of age, he crossed the Alps, and laid siege to Turin, but the Marquis of Montferrat, and Charles, count of Anjou and Provence, who had begun to extend his dominions over part of Piedmont, marched against Boniface, and took him prisoner. Boniface died in prison.[2] His campaigns in Flanders and Piedmont had disastrous results for Savoy.[1]

Place of death: Turin[1]
Place of burial: Saint-Michel de la Cluse[1]




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