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Berthe de Savoie

Main Events

In 1055, Bertha was, at the age of four, betrothed to the five-year-old Henry (Emperor Henry IV).  In less than a year that his father died, Henry IV married Bertha in 1066, but the young Emperor in the meantime had fallen into bad hands, and suspected everybody. He supposed his wife to be a tool of his enemies, and, not withstanding her beauty and amiability, he lived apart from her, and in 1069 declared his intention of being divorced, although he made no accusation against her. This resolution was, however, overruled, and when almost under compulsion he brought her to court, he fell in love with her, and they continued to be devotedly attached to each other as long as Bertha lived.[1]

Place of death: Mainz[2]
Place of burial: Speyer Cathedral[2]



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