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Other names: Beraud, Berauld, Bertoldo, Geroldo


Legendary founder of the House of Savoy, Beroldo was said to be the son of Hugh of Saxony, and nephew of Otto III, Emperor of Germany, by some French chronicles. They tell that he was placed under the guardianship of the Emperor after his father's death and was made a knight. He lost favour with his uncle after he had an affair with the Empress, and was banished from Germany. Henceforth, he went in search of adventures, and began to achieve many successes. His prowess in every combat was unequalled, and he conquered Maurienne, Susa, and Piedmont. After the death of Rudolph, King of Burgundy, he was made governor-general of his lands. He is said to have died in 1026, and was buried at the church of Arles. Some writers equate him with Otho William, Duke of Burgundy. Beroldo was succeeded by his son, Humbert the Whitehanded. Although an account based on popular tradition aside, there is some credence for the House of Savoy having a Saxon link due to the heraldic devices of Savoy sharing a close affinity with those of the House of Saxony. Both bore the Saxon eagle, and both had supporters formed of two lions. For centuries, both also quartered a shield on which was inscribed the motto 'Saxe'. Both shared St Maurice as their patron saint, and both shared similar points in matters relating to law and administration. There is, however, another theory which points to the marquises of Ivrea as the ancestors of the House of Savoy.


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