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Amedeo de Savoie
Marquis de Saint-Rambert

Other Titles and Honours

Marquis de Saint-Germain, 1576[1]
Marchese di Peveragno[3]
Marchese di Boves[3]
Comte de Conflens[1]
Seigneur de Saint-Rambert[1]
Seigneur de Saint-Germain[1]
Knight Grand Cross of the Orders of Saint Maurice and Saint Lazarus (Italy)[1]
Knight of the Order of the Holy Annunciation (Italy)[1]

Positions Held

Governor of Asti, 1605-10†[2]
Governor of Savoy, 1590[2]
Lieutenant general of Savoy, 1589-91[2]
Captain, 1575[2]

Main Events

Amedeo began his education in Monte Cassino under the scholar and poet Antonio Scaramuccia, and Bartolomeo Capponi. He was granted an income from the estate of Valentino by is father, and, after becoming captain of a cavalry company, he received further income from the Saint Rambert commenda. Later, he was granted further financial benefits by his half-brother. He served his brother in Flanders, and in Brussels in 1588. Between 1588 and 1601, the duchy of Savoy was involved in almost constant military activity. Amedeo assisted his brother in military operations in Savoy against French aggressions, and also between 1586-89 when Duke Carlo Emanuele I attempted to conquer Geneva. Amedeo was stationed in Chambéry in 1590 as governor, working to arm units made up of Savoyards, Piedmontese, Spaniards and Neapolitans. After the French invasion on Piedmont in 1592, he was responsible for supplying intelligence obtained from Genevan prisoners. He played a central role as lieutenant general of Savoy. Between 1595 1603, he moved between Pinerolo, Montmélian, Chambéry and Mondovì, and took part in the education of the Savoyan princes. He carried nominal duties as governor of Asti during the last years of his life.[2]

Place of birth: possibly Monte Cassino[2]
Place of death: Turin[2]
Place of burial: Church of San Michele della Chiusa, Turin[2]



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