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Amédée II de Savoie
5th Comte de Savoie

Other Titles and Honours

Marchese di Susa, 1078-80†[1]
Comte de Maurienne, 1078-80†[1]
Conte d'Aosta, 1078-80†[1]
Comte de Chablais, 1078-80†[1]
Seigneur de Valais, 1078-80†[2]
Seigneur de Bugey[2]

Main Events

Amédée was born between 1048 and 1050.[1] He never obtained investiture as Margrave of Turin which passed to his niece Agnes. With his mother, he accompanied the Emperor Henry VI to Canossa to see the Pope in an attempt to have Henry's excommunication absolved.[3] It is not certain that
Amedeus married Jeanne de Genève, although it is likely. He would have married her between 1065 and 1070.[1]

Place of burial: St Jean de Maurienne[1]



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