Medal of Emperor Rudolf II
Gold, created in Prague, c. 1600, J.P. Getty Museum

 Rudolf II wears a laurel wreath, a sign of victory and peace, and the chain and pendant of the Order of the Golden Fleece. The Latin inscription on the front, RUDOLPHUS II ROM IMP AUG REX HUNG BOE, declares Rudolf the Supreme Emperor of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia. On the reverse, a ram, zodiac sign of the constellation Capricorn, refers to Augustus Caesar, who was conceived under this sign, suggesting an analogy between Rudolf and Caesar. The Latin inscription, ASTRUM FULGET CAES (The Emperor's Star Shines Brightly), along with the symbols of the twinkling star, the earth, and the Habsburg eagle, suggest Rudolf's supremacy and the prosperous future of the Habsburg dynasty.





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