New York Caledonian Club Competitor Rules of 1858

# Event Rule
1 The Heavy Hammer To be thrown without turning; each competitor [makes] the throw once before any one makes a second throw.  Three throws to each competitor.
2 Putting the Light Stone Same arrangement as above; toe the mark, without a race, neither foot to cross the mark before the stone strikes.  Three trials each.
3 Throwing the Light Hammer Same arrangements as heavy hammer—three throws to each competitor.
4 Putting the Heavy Stone Arrangement same as for light stone—three trials each.
5 Tossing the Caber Each competitor to make one trial after it is turned once.
6 The Standing Jump Without weights—three trials to each.
7 The Running Jump Without weights—three trials to each.
8 The Running High Leap Without weights— three trials to each.
9 The Short Race 100 yards
10 The Highland Fling One dance each.
11 The Scottish Song or Ballad Optional
12 The Long Race Say 600 yards.
13 Ghillie Caltum, or Broad Sword Dance Over two broadswords, crossed—one dance each.
14 Running Hop. Step, and Jump (omitted)
15 Wheeling the Barrow Blindfolded The competitors to be blindfolded with back to Barrow, then turned around and placed before it, starting at the third call.
16 The Scotch Reel One dance each.
17  The Sack Race The first at the winning post, by any means without assistance, to win the race.
18   The Shinty (omitted)


Published for the New York City annual Scottish games festival in the New York Clipper, 1858.


Levinson, D. and K. Christensen, eds. Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport. Great Barrington, Mass.: Berkshire Publishing Group, 2009.






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