R&L Cereal Premiums: Totem Pole

Another of the more popular R&L premiums, these eight different figures were designed to be stacked on top of each other to mimic Native American Indian totem poles. The wood sculptures were made by Edgar Durr and the figures issued by Kellogg. They were available in Australia and in other countries. They were not released in America due to avoid offending Native Americans. Mexico produced figures in yellow, red and other colours, and their versions were stamped inside with 'Mexico'.

Totem Pole (1971)
Colours: aqua, beige, blue, brown, green, grey, lilac, orange, pink, turquoise, white, yellow, red, light blue

Hairy Watha

Big Foot*



Happy Hands*


Dragon Tooth

Eagle Beak*


* known by this name, but not confirmed through documentation.


C.L. Hall. Breakfast Barons, Cereal Critters and the Rosenhain Lipmann Legacy. Parramatta, NSW: Craig. L Hall, 2002.


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