R&L Cereal Premiums: Mad Dogs

This whimsical series of eight figures was issued in 1971 and was designed by Henry Moritz. It depicted eight different dogs in various poses and forms of attire. A popular set, it was available in a number of countries under various names, and could be found in Corn Flakes in Australia; Apple Jacks and Puffa Puffa Rice in America; Sugar Smacks and Cocoa Krispies in Canada. Only six figures were made available in the United Kingdom. The wood sculptures were made by Edgar Durr.

Mad Dogs (1971)
Colours: aqua, blue, brown, dark aqua, green, lemon, light aqua, lilac, lime, orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise, yellow (UK: blue, brown, yellow and red only).

a) Racing Roger
b) Racing Dog
c) Racing Dawg
a) Cocker Cop
b) Police Dog
c) Police Dawg
a) George Grenadier
b) Guard Dog
c) Guard Dawg
a) Claude Climber
b) Guide Dog
c) Guide Dawg

a) Harry Hunter
b) Farm Dog
c) Hunting Dawg
a) Manuel Mex
b) Performing Dog
c) Bangitto Dawg
a) Sammy Shepherd
b) Shepherd
c) Shepherd Dawg
a) Brave Billy
b) Boxer
c) Boxer Dawg


Other names for the series: USA: 'Daffy Doggy', UK: 'Crazy Canines', Australia: 'Corny Canines'

a) Australian name
b) US name
c) Canadian name


C.L. Hall. Breakfast barons, cereal critters and the Rosenhain Lipmann Legacy. Parramatta, NSW: Craig. L Hall, 2002.


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