Donkey Kong Country
Characters, Objects and Game Stages

Main Characters
Name Abilities
Donkey Kong
Swinging, jumping, rolling, swimming, chucking
Diddy Kong Swinging, jumping, rolling, swimming, barrel carryin', teetering
Supporting Characters
Name Abilities
Funky Kong
Allows player to fly to any completed area
Candy Kong Saves player's game progress
Cranky Kong Gives players advice
Name Abilities
Rambi (rhinoceros) Breaking through walls, enemies and other obstacles when mounted
Expresso (ostrich) Fast transportation on the ground or through partial flying
Enguarde (swordfish) Underwater transportation and enemy attack by impaling
Squawks (parrot) Illuminating light in caves and caverns
Winky (frog) Jumping power and able to knock out Zingers
Enemies: Kremlings
Name Abilities
Kritter Various jumping skills and patterns of movement
Krusha Great strength
Klump Strength, protective helmet
Klap-Trap Manic, snapping jaws
Enemies: Rapacious
Name Abilities
Rockkroc Rapid running with outstretched, grabbing arms
Necky Firing of nuts from their mouths
Mini-Necky Firing of nuts horizontally from their mouths
Zinger Spikes and deadly stingers
Enemies: Patrol
Name Abilities
Manky Kong (ape) Barrel throwing
Army (armadillo) Roll up and roll-attack at player
Slippa (snake) Slither stealthily, attack in groups
Chomps (shark) Hunt in packs, form blockades
Enemies: Aquatic
Name Abilities
Chomps, Jr (small shark)  Agile, sporadic movements
Squidge (jellyfish) Camouflage, diagonal surging motions, attack in packs
Clambo (shellfish) Firing of deadly pearls
Croctopus (octopus) Agility, rotating tentacles
Objects: Barrels
Name Function
TNT Drum Explodes when thrown
Barrel Cannon Launches player out after jumping inside
Funky Barrel Aeroplane-barrel for transportation
Spin Barrel Spins and launches player when desired
Steel Keg Transportation and smashing through enemies
Continue Barrel Allows a stage to be continued after a failed attempt
DK Barrel Makes the ape's partner playable, or is a regular barrel if both apes are already playing
Regular Barrel Throwing weapon
Objects: Items to Collect
Name Function
Golden Letters Collecting all letters that spell 'K-O-N-G' earns an extra life
Balloons Extra lives: red - one, green - two, blue - three
Bananas Game mission is to collect all bananas stolen by the Kremlings. Every one hundred collected earns an extra life.
Lives Enable continuation of play
Golden Rambi Token Collect three to become Rambi and collect tokens in his Token Area
Golden Expresso Token Collect three to become Expresso and collect tokens in his Token Area
Golden Winky Token Collect three to become Winky and collect tokens in his Token Area
Golden Enguarde Token Collect three to become Enguarde and collect tokens in his Token Area
Games Stages
1 Kongo Jungle 1. Jungle Hijinxs, 2. Ropey Rampage, 3. Reptile Rumble, 4. Coral Capers, 5. Barrel Cannon Canyon, 6. Very Gnawty's Lair
Monkey Mines 1. Winky's Walkway, 2. Mine Cart Carnage, 3. Bouncy Bonanza, 4. Stop & Go Station, 5. Millstone Mayhem, 6. Necky's Nuts
3 Vine Valley 1. Vulture Culture, 2. Tree Top Town, 3. Forest Frenzy, 4. Temple Tempest, 5. Orang-Utan Gang, 6. Clam City, 7. Bumble B Rumble
4 Gorilla Glacier 1. Snow Barrel Blast, 2. Slipslide Ride, 3. Ice Age Alley, 4. Croctopus Chase, 5. Torchlight Trouble, 6. Rope Bridge Rumble, 7. Really Gnawty Rampage
5 Kremkroc Industries Inc. 1. Oil Drum Alley, 2. Trick Track Trek, 3. Elevator Antics, 4. Poison Pond, 5. Mine Cart Madness, 6. Blackout Basement, 7. Boss Dumb Drum
6 Chip Caverns 1. Tanked Up Trouble, 2. Manic Mincers, 3. Misty Mine, 4. Loopy Lights, 5. Platform Perils, 6. Necky's Revenge
7 Gang-Plank Gallion N/A


Donkey Kong Country: Nintendo Player's Guide. Redmond, WA: Nintendo of American, Inc., 1994.







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