Positive Action Through Holistic Education

'Project PATHE is a universal, comprehensive school organizational change program used in secondary schools to reduce school disorder and improve the school environment, thus enhancing student experiences and attitudes about school. The program seeks to reduce disorder by decreasing academic failure, increasing social bonding, and improving students’ self-concepts. The program targets all students in middle schools and high schools serving large numbers of minority youths in inner cities and impoverished rural areas.'

Major Components of PATHE
1. Staff, student and community participation in planning
2. School-wide organisational changes aimed at increasing academic performance
3. School-wide organisational changes aimed at enhancing school climate
4. Programs to prepare students for careers
5. Academic and affective services for high-risk youth
Protective Factors Addressed
· Recognition
· Resiliency
· Competencies and skills
Social Domains: Family, School, Peer Group and Neighbourhood
· Bonding
· Healthy beliefs and clear standards
· Pro-social opportunities
· Reinforced for pro-social involvement
Risk Factors Addressed
· Friends who engage in the problem behaviour
· Early initiation of the problem behaviour
· Early and persistent antisocial behaviour
· Gang involvement
· Academic failure
· Lack of commitment to school
· Family conflict
· Family history of the problem behaviour
· Family management problems
· Favourable attitudes toward the problem behaviour
· Favourable parental attitudes toward the problem behaviour
· Availability of drugs
· Community laws and norms favourable toward drug use, firearms and crime
· Low neighbourhood attachment and community disorganisation


PATHE (Positive Action Through Holistic Education)


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