The Book of Jeremiah: Contents

Chapter & Verse Title
1:1–6:30 Baruch's scroll
1:1–19 The call of Jeremiah.
2:1–4:4 Indictment of the nation's sin.
4:5–6:30 The coming disaster 'from the north.'
7:1–10:25 First editorial addition to Baruch's scroll
7:1–8:3 Temple sermons and appended sayings.
8:4–9:21 An incorrigible people and their tragic ruin.
9:22–10:16 Miscellaneous sayings.
10:17–25 An incorrigible people and their tragic ruin.
11:1–20:18 Second editorial addition to Baruch's scroll
11:1–17 Preaching on the broken covenant.
11:18–12:6 Jeremiah's persecution by his relatives and fellow townsmen.
12:7–17 God expresses His sorrow for the dereliction of His people.
13:1–27 Parabolic vision of the linen waistcloth and attached sayings.
14:1–15:4 The time of drought and national emergency.
15:5–16:21 Oracles and confessions in poetry and prose.
17:1–27 Miscellany.
18:1–23 Jeremiah at the potter's house and attached sayings.
19:1–20:18 Prophetic symbolism and the persecutions; further confessions.
21:1–24:10 Oracles concerning the House of David and the prophets.
25:1–38 Oracles against foreign nations
26:1–29:32 The biography of Jeremiah
26:1–24 The 'Temple sermon'; Jeremiah narrowly escapes death.
27:1–28:17 Events of 594 BC; the incident of the ox-yoke.
29:1–32 594 BC: Jeremiah and the exile in Babylon.
30:1–31:40 The 'Book of Consolation.'
32:1–44:30 The biography of Jeremiah.
32:1–33:26 Restoration of Judah and Jerusalem.
34:1–7 Words of Jeremiah as the Babylonian blockade tightens.
34:8–22 Incidents during lifting of siege.
35:1–19 Jeremiah and the Rechabites.
36:1–32 Incident of the scroll.
37:1–10 Incident during lifting of siege.
37:11–38:28 Jeremiah in prison.
39:1–40:6 Jeremiah's release from prison.
40:7–43:7 Assassination of Gedaliah and the flight to Egypt.
43:8–44:30 Jeremiah in Egypt.
45:1–5 Baruch
46:1–51:64 Oracles against foreign nations
52:1–34 The fall of Jerusalem


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