The Archie Show
1968 television series

Directed by Hal Sutherland. Music by Ray Ellis. Based on the Archie comics.

# Episode Title Featured Dance Featured Song
1 'The Added Distraction' / 'The Disappearing Act'   'The Bubble Gum'   'Bang-Shang-A-Lang'  
2 'A Hard Day's Night' / 'Beauty is Only Fur Deep'   'The Jughead'   'Boys and Girls'  
3 'Anchors Away' / 'Jughead's Double'   'The Beanie'   'Truck Driver'  
4 'The Circus' / 'The Prize Winner'   'Hamburger Hop'    'Catchin' Up On Fun'  
5 'Flying Saucers' / 'Field Trip' (aka 'Picnic')   'The Stick Shift'   'Ride, Ride, Ride'  
6 'The Marathon' / 'Way Out Like West'   'The Veronica Walk'   'La Dee Doo Down Down'  
7 'Hot Rod Drag' / 'Showbusiness'  'The Betty'  'You Make Me Wanna Dance'
8 'A Chimp Off the Old Block' / 'Who's Afraid of Reggie Wolf'    'Do the Banana Split'   'Time For Love'  
9 'Kid's Day' / 'Jughead "Sampson" Jones'   'Do the Drag'   'Hide & Seek'  
10 'Rocket Rock' / 'Par One'   'The Angel'   'You Little Angel You'  
11 'Groovie Ghosts' / 'P.F.C. Hot Dog'   'The Weatherbee'    'I'm in Love'  
12 'Surf-Bored' / 'The Computer'   'The Surfer'    'Love Night'  
13 'The Old Sea Dog' / 'Jughead's Girl'   'The Grundy'    'Rock and Roll Music'  
14 'Dilton's Folly' / 'Lodge's Dept. Store'   'The Rocket Ship'    'Don't Touch My Guitar'  
15  'Private Eye Jughead' / 'Reggie's Cousin'   'The Indian'   'Seventeen ain't Young'  
16 'Strike Three' / 'The Cat Next Door'   'The Milkshake'   'Circle of Blue'  
17 'The Jones Farm' / 'Veronica's Veil' 'The Touch-Down' 'Kissin'


The Archie Show [DVD]. Directed by Hal Sutherland. USA: Genius Entertainment, 2007.







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