A Parlour Pantomime
by Mary Senior Clark

Dramatis Personæ
Name Description
Prince Eglantine The somewhat sentimental hero.
King Cashcrave His impecunious father.
Baron Goldust Possessed of three charming daughters, a mint of money, and a never-failing appetite.
Lord Snuffy The original proprietor of Mull.
Blawforth The herald; rather fond of 'blawin' his ain trumpet.
Cinderella The heroine, who, notwithstanding her innumerable good qualities, is a decidedly slippery character.
Dolabella Her elder sister, the court beauty.
Bluette Their eldest sister, a strong-minded lady.
Margarita A beneficent fairy, godmother to Cinderella.
The Play
Scene I: Kitchen in the Ancestral Castle of the Goldusts.
Enter Cinderella.
1 Dialogue 'Oh, it's so cold!' Cinderella
Exit Cinderella, enter Goldust.
2 Dialogue
'Breakfast not ready!' Goldust
Enter Bluette.
3 Dialogue 'Good morning, pa.' Bluette, Goldust
Enter Dolabella.
4 Dialogue 'Bless you, gal, ye're worth a fortune any day.' Goldust, Dolabella, Bluette
Enter Cinderella.
5 Dialogue 'Breakfast's ready quite.' Cinderella
6 Song—Tune, 'Old Uncle Ned' 'I'm a poor little miserable wretched girl' Cinderella, Dolabella, Bluette, Goldust
Scene II: A Room in the Palace.
Enter King Cashcrave.
1 Dialogue 'If it were done when 'tis done' King
2 Song—Tune, 'Bay of Biscay' 'I am a mighty monarch' King
Enter Prince Eglantine.
3 Dialogue 'Well, sire, you may be
precious glad you sent for me just now'
Prince, King
Duet—Tune, 'Men of Harlech' 'See the prospect fair before you!' King, Prince
Exeunt severally.
Scene III: A Street.
Enter Prince Eglantine.
1 Song—Tune, 'Nancy Till' 'At daybreak, at twilight, at noon, and at night' Prince
2 Dialogue 'I see a fellow coming down the way' Prince
Enter Blawforth.
3 Dialogue 'Weel, hoo's a' wi' ye the day?'  Blawforth, Prince
Enter Goldust, Bluette, and Dolabella.
4 Dialogue 'Most noble lord, it fills me with delight' Prince, Goldust, Dolabella, Bluette, Blawforth
Exeunt Goldust and Blawforth.
5 Dialogue 'I'll hope to see you there to-night?' Prince, Dolabella, Bluette
6 Round 'Softly now the hour is chiming' Bluette, Dolabella, Prince
Exeunt omnes.
Scene IV: Hall in Goldusts Castle.
Cinderella sitting.
1 Song—Tune, 'I'm Afloat' 'I'm alone, I'm alone in this dim, dismal hall.' Cinderella
2 Song—Tune, 'La Campana' 'Young mortal, why weep you?' Fairy (from behind the scenes)
3 Dialogue 'Who is it speaks?' Cinderella, Fairy
4 Song—Tune, 'Belle Mahone' 'Now these dingy rags must fall' Fairy
5 Duet—Tune, 'Nora Creina' 'Now I'm off to have some fun.' Cinderella, Fairy
Scene V: Anteroom in the Palace.
Enter Blawforth.
1 Dialogue 'Is't no' near time tha'e dancin' fouk were comin'?' Blawforth
2 Song 'My birthplace was fair Embro' toun' Blawforth
3 Dialogue 'Oh, here they come!' Blawforth
Bell rings. Prince, Dolabella, Goldust, King (disguised), Fairy, Bluette and Cinderella pass.
Exit Blawforth. Enter the Dancers. Dance off.
Enter Bluette and King.
4 Dialogue 'You say, sir, you're acquainted with the King?' Bluette, King
Exit Bluette.
5 Dialogue 'Ah! I cannot tell' King
Enter the Dancers.
6 Dialogue 'What a nice dance we've had!' Cinderella, Prince
7 Duet—Tune, 'Love's Young Dream' 'Oh, in all my life I never felt so happy as to-night!' Prince, Cinderella
The Clock strikes Twelve. Cinderella runs off.
8 Dialogue 'Gone? She is gone!' Prince, Blawforth
9 Songs—Tunes:
'Here awa', There awa'

'Come back to me, oh! my sweet lovely princess'

  'Paddle your own Canoe' 'You've taken an awfully serious fit' Dolabella
  'Write me a Letter from Home' 'Lonely I stand here and weep' King
  'Gentle Spring' 'Sleep, sleep, mortals sleep!' Fairy
  'Cheer, Boys, Cheer' 'Stop, stop, stop, whatever is you doin'?' Goldust
  'Jolly Good Fellows' 'There's naithing the maitter ava' Blawforth
Exeunt omnes.
Scene VI: A Room in the Palace.
Enter Bluette and Goldust.
1 Dialogue 'Father, all's right—so leave me, I implore.' Bluette, Goldust
Enter Blawforth
2 Dialogue 'Here a meenit!' Blawforth
Exeunt Goldust and Blawforth.
3 Dialogue 'If this is the beginning of the scene' Bluette
4 Song 'How long in sadness and despair' Bluette
Enter King (disguised).
5 Dialogue 'The King will see you, madam.' King, Bluette
6 Duet—Tune, 'Carnival of Venice' 'I scarce can lose the notion' King, Bluette
Scene VII: Hall in Goldust's Castle.
Enter Cinderella.
1 Dialogue 'I am so tired this morning!' Cinderella
Enter Dolabella.
2 Dialogue 'Oh, Cinderella, it is precious cold!' Dolabella, Cinderella
Enter Lord Snuffy and Blawforth.
3 Dialogue 'I cam' tae see if ony o' you twa' Blawforth, Dolabella, Lord Snuffy
Enter Fairy.
4 Dialogue 'Yes, it fits well' Fairy, Cinderella
5 Song—Tune, 'The Laird o' Cockpen! 'The play's almost ended, the secret's come out' Fairy, Dolabella, Lord Snuffy, Cinderella, Blawforth
Scene VIII: Hall in the Palace.
1 Dialogue 'Oh, what a fool am I!' Prince
Enter Fairy, Cinderella, Dolabella and Lord Snuffy.
2 Dialogue 'Behold your bride!' Fairy, Prince
Enter Goldust.
3 Dialogue 'This can't was Cinderella?' Goldust, Lord Snuffy, Dolabella, Cinderella
Enter Bluette and King.
4 Dialogue 'Any more wanted in the blessin' line?' King, Prince
Enter Blawforth.
5 Dialogue 'Eh me, I'm oot o' breath, I've run sae fast' Blawforth, King, Bluette, Goldust, Fairy, Lord Snuffy, Prince, Cinderella
6 Songs—Tunes:
'Bonnie Dundee'

'Here's a very good health to our friends one and all'

Cinderella, Chorus
  'The Lass o' Gowrie' 'Now I'm' the king I mean to start' Prince
  'Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch' 'Poor dear Cinderella' Fairy, Chorus
  'The Scottish Bluebell' 'Oh where, tell me where has my haughty spirit gone?' Bluette
  'A Man's a Man for a that' 'Is there a man among us here' King, Chorus
  'Kelvin Grove' 'Will you come to Sneeshin' Castle, lords and ladies, oh?' Dolabella, Lord Snuffy
  'What's a' the
steer, kimmer'
'I'll come an' see yer, Dolly' Goldust, Chorus
7 Round 'Now our trials all are


Alternative title: The Little Glass Slipper


Clark, M. S. Cinderella, a Parlour Pantomime. [Crawford and McRae Printers, Edinburgh] 1878. 







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