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Performing arts
Performing arts, film, animations, filmographies, television, stage and theatre, dance



Archies Show, The: 1968 television series
Bibyun: television series episodes
Black Adder: television series and films
Black Books: television series
Brideshead Revisited: 1981 television series
Day of the Triffids, The: 1981 television series
Fellini, Federico: films (director)
Godzilla films
Hitchcock, Alfred: cameo appearances
Hitchcock, Alfred: film and television works (director, etc.)
Irving, Henry: theatrical roles
Kubrick, Stanley: films (director)
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Disney shorts)
Planet of the Apes: films and television series
Ray, Satyajit: films (director)
Seinfeld: television series episodes
Space: Above and Beyond: television series episodes
Star Wars: films and television series in chronological order
Trip to the Moon, A: Georges Méliès film
Wood, Ed: films (director)
Wood, Ed: screenplays
Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister: television series

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