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History, geography, genealogy, travel, politics, rulers and monarchies, warfare and military, disasters



Acambay, State of Mexico: municipal presidents
Alba Longa: kings
Andean timeline
Antarctic Stations
Antarctic Treaty System
Argentina: presidents
Attic Panhellenion: archons
Augsburg: stadtpfleger (mayors)
Bengal: rulers and statesmen
Bourbon revolt at Porto Empedocle, 1848: victims
Capital cities of the world: countries · territories
Crusades: Louis IX's expenditure in 1252
Denmark: regions, provinces and former counties
Dependencies and territories of the world
England and Great Britain: successors to the throne (genealogical)
Falklands War: deployment and losses
Fiesole: podestà
Florence: quartieri in 1427
Florence: sestieri in 1304
Flags of the world
Genealogical links: royal, political, notable figures
Genealogy and family history
Greece: presidents
Heian provincial and gun officials
Hungary: prime ministers and presidents
Hydaspes fleet of Alexander the Great: trierarchs
India: prime ministers
International brigades
Jacobite Succession (genealogical)
Jerusalem: rulers
Jordan: kings
Kiribati: president and vice-presidents
Korean War aces
Korean War ground troops
Lithuania: presidents
Mexico: presidents
Napoleon Bonaparte's marshals
Nations of the world
Ottoman sultans
Qatar: municipalities
Rome: the seven kings
Sesto: podestà
Titanic musicians
Union (USA) military failures, 1861-62
United Kingdom: prime ministers
United States of America: first ladies
United States of America: presidents
United States of America: states and capital cities
Venice: doges
World War I casualties
Yugoslavia: kings and claimants

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