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Gans family (Germany): genealogical
Gardner family (Ireland, England): genealogical
Gaudí, Antoni: works
Genealogical connections between notable persons
Genealogy and family history
Geologic periods
German speakers around the world
Gilbert, William S.: Savoy operas
Glasgow Coma Scale
Goldschmidt, Goldsmith family (Germany, England); genealogical
Godzilla films
Goodman, Steve: songs and songs
Governments of the world: countries · territories
Gramont family (France): genealogical
Greece: presidents
Greek alphabet
Greek mythology: biographical, genealogical
Greek temples: major constructions to 480 BC
Guggenheim family (Germany): genealogical
Guggenheim family (Switzerland, USA); genealogical
Gui, Bernard, condemnations of the inquisitor
Halley's Comet appearances
Hard clams harvesting, boats and gear
Heian provincial and gun officials
Hemingway, Ernest: works
Henry VIII's genealogical connections to his six wives
Hindu zodiac
Hitchcock, Alfred: cameo appearances
Hitchcock, Alfred: film and television works (director, etc.)
Hungary: prime ministers and presidents
Hydaspes fleet of Alexander the Great: trierarchs
Ibsen, Henrik: plays
Iceberg classification
India: prime ministers
Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique: paintings
Inquisitors-general of the Spanish Inquisition
International brigades
iPod models by Apple
Irving, Brodribb family (England): genealogical
Irving, Henry: theatrical roles
Island systems: features
Italian migration: 1890, 1891
Italy, King Umberto I of, genealogical link to his wife Margherita of Savoy
Itzig family (Germany): genealogical





















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