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Caldwell family (USA): genealogical
California: Catholic dioceses
Calvi family (Italy): genealogical
Canadian Board of Broadcast governors: 1958-68 members
Cangialosi ancestry: Philippe, King of the Belgians ● Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa ● 18th Duchess of Alba
Cangiasi, Giovanni Antonio: works
Capital cities of the world: countries · territories
Carroll, Lewis: literary works
Carroll, Lewis and E.M. Forster: genealogical link
Casper, Caspar family (Germany): genealogical
Castello, de Malta family (Italy, Malta): genealogical
Cauer family (Germany): genealogical
Cervantes family (Spain): genealogical
Cervantes family (Spain, Mexico): genealogical
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de: works
Chaldaean Catholic Church: Patriarchs
Chess World Cup Grand Prix 1988-89
Chicken breeds
Chinese triad hierarchy
Cholesterol: dietary fat effects
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Presidents and Prophets
Cigarette prohibition in the United States
Cinderella, A Parlour Pantomime
Cohen, Levin, Robert-Tornow family (Germany): genealogical
Colt family (Connecticut, USA): genealogy
Colt family (New Jersey, USA): genealogy
Colt family (Massachusetts; Connecticut, USA): genealogy
Colt, Coult family (Connecticut; New Jersey, USA): genealogy
Confucian classics
Constantinople, Ecumenical Patriarchate of: Patriarchs
Constitutions of the world
Cooper of Woollahra family (England, Australia): genealogical
Court trumpeters of Ercole d'Este, duke of Ferrara
Crusades: Louis IX's expenditure in 1252
Curchod family (France); genealogy
Currencies of the world: countries · territories
Dakani, Deccani family (India): genealogical
Dalai Lamas and Regents
Daoism: the Quanzhen Five Patriarchs and the Seven Perfected
Darvall family (England, Australia): genealogical
Darwin, Charles: published works
Day of the Triffids, The: 1981 television series
De Havilland aircraft in World War I
Denmark: largest lakes
Denmark, King Frederik X of, genealogical links to Friedrich von Schiller, Grace Kelly
Denmark, King Frederik X of, genealogical link to General Charles de Gaulle
Denmark, King Frederik X of, genealogical link to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Denmark, Queen Margrethe II of, genealogical link to husband Prince Henrik
Denmark: regions, provinces and former counties
Dependencies and territories of the world
Des Courdes family (France) genealogical
Dodgson family (England): genealogical
Donelson, Jackson family (USA): genealogical
Donizetti, Gaetano: operas
Donkey Kong Country: characters, objects and game stages (video game)
Dormizer family (Czech Republic): genealogical
Dostoevsky, Fyodor: works
Drew family (USA): genealogical
Drug withdrawal symptoms
Dry-cured hams characteristics
Dughlat family (Moghulistan, Kashgaria): genealogical
Duncker family (Germany): genealogical
Dyce family (Scotland, India): genealogical
Earhart, Amelia: notable flights
Earthquakes: deadliest
Earthquakes: highest magnitude, frequency
Eastern Catholic churches
Eastern Orthodox churches
Ehrenberg, Elton family (Germany, Britain): genealogical
England and Great Britain: successors to the throne (genealogical)
Ephraim, Ebers family (Germany): genealogical
Entomological collections: world's largest
Ephrussi family (Ukraine, Austria): genealogical
Eritrea: regions and capitals
Europe: Monarchs and pretenders of Europe (genealogical)
European Ice Hockey Championship results since 1910
Eurythmics: songs and albums
Explosive eruptions: Earth's largest
Fabela family (Mexico): genealogical
Fabergé, Fabry family (France, Russia): genealogical
Fabergé: imperial eggs
Falklands War: deployment and losses
Federal civil rights laws of the United States
Fellini, Federico: films (director)
Ferrero family (Italy): genealogical
FIA Formula One World Championship 2013
Fidelio: Beethoven opera
Fiesole: podestà
FIFA World Cup
Flags of the world
Fleischl family (Austria): genealogical
Florence: quartieri
Florence: sestieri
Food additives
Forster, E.M. and Lewis Carroll: genealogical link
Fourteen Holy Helpers (Roman Catholic)
Fraenkel family (Berlin, Germany): genealogical
Fraenkel family (Ansbach; Fuerth, Germany): genealogical
Frozen food storage times

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