Hermann Vögel (1854

Vögel was a German painter, illustrator, draftsman and writer.
He became known primarily as an illustrator of children's and youth publications. Born in Plauen, he received his first art lessons from his father, an architect and master builder. He went on to study law in 1873, but by 1874, he abandoned that field and enrolled at the Dresden Art Academy. In 1875, he left the academy and continued to study on his own; at the same time he began to pursue professional work. He travelled to Italy in 1877/78 as part of his studies, and on his return to Germany, worked for Braun & Schneider. In 1878, he was working as an illustrator at Plauen, focusing mostly on fairy tales and legends. He was to become the definitive artist of Germany in that field. He designed many illustrations for books and periodicals, and became a very popular artist. Vögel's output was substantial, and he displayed a high level of skill, precision and imagination; he was an accomplished drawer and was said to have influenced the fairy tale films created by Disney Studios. He died in Burgstein, Krebes.








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