Viktor Oskar Tilgner (1844–1896)

An Austrian sculptor, Tilgner was born at Pressburg, Bratislava, and as a child, he moved to Vienna with his family. Between 1859 and 1871, he studied under Gasser and Bauer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and was subsequently influenced by French sculptors, particularly Gustave Deloyes. His first piece that brought him attention was his bust of the actress Charlotte Wolters which won him a gold medal at the Vienna World Exhibition in 1873. He travelled to Italy in 1874, and later became the main exponent of Neo-Baroque in the south of Germany under the Habsburgs. He was a very prolific sculptor and executed many large figures for state buildings, monuments, fountains, and busts. He kept a large studio at the Palais Schwarzenberg until his death. Tilgner died at Vienna.








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