Johann Georg Platzer (1704–1761)

A Viennese Rococo painter, Platzer was born at San Michele, Eppan, in the Tyrol, now part of Italy. He studied under his step-father, Joseph Anton Kessler, and with his paternal uncle, who was a painter at Passau. In 1721, he went to Vienna, and there he became intimate with the artist Franz Christoph Janneck. They adopted the same style of painting, but it did not weaken their friendship, and the public were benefited by their rivalry. In 1728, Platzer became a member of the Imperial Academy in Vienna. He stayed at Silesia for some time with his patron, Albrecht von Sebisch, a diplomat at the imperial court, but due to ailing heath (he probably suffered from Parkinson's disease), he returned to his native country by about 1739. Platzer was influenced by 17th century masters, particularly the Mannerists, such as Hans von Aachen, and Bartholomäus Spranger. For his architecture, he was influenced by the Italians Sebastiano Ricci, Alessandro Magnasco, and Ferdinando Galli Bibiena. His works usually depict mythological, Biblical, and historical subjects, as well as the courtly life of the 17th century. He died at San Michele, a rich and well-respected figure.









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