Gaspard-Félix Tournachon 'Nadar' (1820–1910)

Gaspard-Félix Tournachon, better known by his pseudonym 'Nadar', was a French caricaturist, portraitist, and pioneering photographer who flourished from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s. He is considered one of the greatest caricaturists of the 19th century, having created some of the most memorable and iconic caricatures of the era. He was also a talented portraitist and an early adopter of photography, mastering the art of both portrait and landscape photography. He is well-remembered for his caricatures of political figures, artists, and writers, as well as for his early experiments with aerial photography. Despite his prolific photographic output, Nadar is most often remembered for his caricatures, which are still studied today. His caricatures often portrayed his subject in a humorous and exaggerated manner, capturing the spirit and essence of his subject with remarkable accuracy and style. His caricatures remain some of the most iconic and beloved images of the 19th century, and continue to inspire and entertain today.









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