Luigi Montabone (1828–1877)

Luigi opened a photographic studio at Turin in 1860 named 'Fotografia Reale,' and he enjoyed immediate success due to his very popular portraits that were sought after by the aristocracy and middle class of Turin. In 1862, he accompanied a diplomatic mission of the recently established Kingdom of Italy to Persia, along with his assistant, Alberto Pietrobon. He compiled a photographic album entitled L'album persiano di Luigi Montabone consisting of an in-depth research on the visual history and topography of Persia, and he presented it to the Persian court. He later experimented with colour photographs. In 1867, his studio received an award at the Exposition Universelle of Paris. He opened studios at Rome, Florence, and Milan, and he continued to work until his death. In 1872, he was knighted for his services to in the field of photography. His studio at Turin remained in operation until 1912.









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