Asia, 1880
Asia is bounded on the north by the Arctic Ocean; on the west by the Ural Mountains, Ural River, Caspian Sea, Mount Caucasus, Black Sea, Sea of Marmora, Mediterranean, and the Red Sea; on the south by the Indian Ocean; and on the east by the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest and most populous of the great divisions of the globe, and is particularly interesting as having been the first abode of man, and the scene of most of the important events recorded in the Holy Scriptures. Its great physical features are also as remarkable as its extent, the rivers being of great length, and only equalled by some of the largest in America; while its mountains are the highest in the world, and its high tablelands are nowhere equalled for their vast extent or height above the sea. The countries in Asia are: Turkey in Asia, Arabia, Persia, Afghanistan, Beloochistan or Baluchistan, India or Hindostan, Eastern Peninsula (comprising Burma, Siam, Annam, etc.), Chinese Empire (including Tibet, Mongolia, etc.), Tartary or Turkestan (Eastern and Western), Russia in Asia, and Japan Islands.
Modern School Geography and Atlas, 1883


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