Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta (1841–1920)

Son of the famed painter Federico de Madrazo y Küntz, Raimundo was born at Rome, and a year after, his family returned to Madrid. He received his first art training from his father and grandfather, who had received their own training in Paris. He grew up in an artistic environment, surrounded by his father's renowned collaborators and pupils. He finished his studies at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando at Madrid in 1854 where he was a pupil of Carlos Luis de Ribera and Carlos de Haes. In 1862, he went to Paris to continue his studies at the workshop of Léon Cogniet and then enrolled at the Ecole de Beaux-Arts and the Ecole Imériale de Dessin. In Paris, Madrazo established close ties with foreign artists residing there including Martin Rico, Alfred Stevens, Luis Ruipéerez, and Mariano Fortuny, who was to become his brother-in-law. A leading painter of the Spanish school in Paris, he exhibited regularly at that city, and also at London, New York, and Venice. He enjoyed a high level of success during his lifetime and a lengthy career, with his works being in high demand internationally, particularly his portraits, which were appreciated for their realism. His initial style was quite academic, but he later altered his technical and aesthetic approach as he was influenced by Stevens and Fortuny. Madrazo died at Versailles.









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