Johann Hieronymus Löschenkohl (17531807)

Born at Elberfeld in Jülich-Berg, Löschenkohl was a copperplate engraver and illustrator. Nothing is known about his early life and training. He went to Vienna in 1780 and set up a business there, beginning with the production of silhouette portraits that were popular at the time. His success meant that he was able to move to Vienna's Kohlmarkt, one of the best locations for business. He was a very prolific and innovative artist, and was to become a very well known artistic chronicler, recording events of the time through his brightly coloured copper engravings. His works depicted wars, revolutions, crimes, weddings, and events of the nobility. He also created satirical and political engravings. At a time when there were no illustrated newspapers, his business premises became a source of information and were often crowded by people wanting to see the latest news through his pictures, although the accuracy of the representations were sometimes highly questionable. Many of his pictures appeared on fans, business cards, playing cards, boxes, calendars, greeting cards and board games. He was also a music dealer, and he supplied music and sheet music supplements to almanacs. He was particularly favoured for his portraits and silhouettes of composers and artists in court theatres. Löschenkohl constantly strived to be the first to provide the most up-to-date pictures as possible, often at the expense of artistic quality which drew criticism from his contemporaries, and was known to appropriate the ideas of other manufacturers. He died at Vienna.









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