The Pelican Brig, beating the French frigate Medea, into Guadaloupe, after an Action of 2 hours
Hand-coloured aquatint, 18.2 mm x 24.5 cm,  by William Elmes, 1797
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

The Pelican Brig's remarkable victory over the French frigate Medea off the coast of Guadeloupe stands as a testament to the prowess and determination of British naval forces during the Napoleonic Wars. In a daring engagement, the Pelican, under the command of Captain Thomas Fremantle, skilfully outmanoeuvred and outgunned the larger and more heavily armed Medea, ultimately forcing her to surrender. This decisive triumph not only secured a significant strategic advantage for the British in the Caribbean theatre but also highlighted the effectiveness of the Royal Navy's tactical ingenuity in the face of formidable opposition, cementing its reputation as a dominant force on the high seas.


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