Cei Cipriano (1864–1922)

Born in Biella, Cipriano entered the artistic world when still very young, and his first works immediately showed a special and marked aptitude for art. He studied at the Academy of Lucca under Luigi Norfini. He dedicated himself to genre painting, and his works were highly praised and sought after. Cipriano always chose pleasant and interesting subjects; many of playful scenes, and of children, but also some Madonnas. Cipriano was a prolific artist, having established a studio in Florence, he executed works both in Italy and abroad. He first exhibited in Venice in 1884; in Florence in 1885; again in Venice in 1887; in Milan in 1894, 1897, and 1900; and at the Paris Salon in 1900. He became a painter to the Italian royal family. His last painting was a portrait of Pope Benedict XV, commissioned by the Vatican. He died at Rome.








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